ATTNode Addon: Powerpack

grauzone has developed a simple voltage regulator board to make more power sources usable for the ATTNode:


This is an add-on for the ATTNode to supply it with operating voltages between 3.5-16V. The voltage source must provide at least 120 mA. The PCB has the format of the CR2032 battery clip and is soldered to the back of the node instead of the clip. This allows the node to be powered by a USB power supply, a LiPo or any other fixed voltage power supply. Here are some pictures of the add-on:

Powerpack Front
Powerpack Back
Powerpack Both

This pictures show a prefinal version v0.2, the Gerber-Files in the links below contain the version 1.0 with small adjustments in the labelling of the PCBs

Parts List / BOM

PCB MarkingPart
U1MCP1703T-3302E CB
C1, C2Capacitor 1 µF Ceramic, SMD 1206

Supplier Links

If you don’t want to search for the matching parts yourself here are some links to my usual suppliers. Please note that there might be cheaper options available at the time of your buying, so you might pay more than necessary if you use these links.

Also I’m not afilliated with the linked suppliers in any way. If links don’t work anymore feel free to give me a hint (I don’t check them regularly)

Bad experiences have been made with the MCP’s from China.

Here is a link to german electronics supplier Reichelt which has most of the SMD components in stock:

Powerpack Comonents at Reichelt

Assembly Hints

My preferred order of soldering the components is:

  • MCP 1703
  • Capacitors
  • SHT-Connector, (if required, the power supply of the Powerpack can alternatively be provided directly via the two pads)

A general hint for soldering SMD parts: Use enough flux (I personally use a flux pen with liquid flux, but the type doesn’t matter as much). It really helps to prevent solder bridges especially between the MCP- Pins and helps to achieve better/prettier solder joints in general.

Downloads and Links