ATTNode v3 Minimal Firmware Available

Since yesterday evening there is a first minimal firmware for the ATTNode v3 Available in the Git Repository . This Firmware does support the basic functionality of the Node as in:

  • Uses the MCCI LoRa LMIC for maximum LoRaWAN compatibility
  • Uses OTAA for Device Activation
  • Supports DeepSleep between Measuring/Sending for Maximum Power Savings
  • Implements the BME280 Sensor

As there is no support for the ATTiny3216 in PlatformIO yet, the firmware uses ArduinoIDE with the MetaTinyCore for the time being. Some hints about Configuring the ArduinoIDE are in the Repo. When PlatformIO Support becomes available for the 3216 I will switch to using it again as it has been with the ATTNodes v1/v2.

Right now the firmware only supports the BME280 as sensor, but it can be used as a starting point for implementing Support for other sensors. More Sensor Support will likely become available in the future.