TinyLoRa v2 Development started

Here is a sneak peek at the next iteration of the TinyLoRa PCBs. I got it down to roughly half the size compared to the v1 board by making it a two sided board and putting the battery holder, which is by far the biggest component, onto the Backside. I also added the possibility to use a edge-mounted SMA connector for the antenna.

Because of the battery at the back the sensors don’t fit there anymore, so the GPIO-connector was flipped by 180° so the sensor now mounts over the front of the board. There are still some finishing touches to be done before I will put them into production, but it shouldn’t be to much work. As I don’t have any real boards yet here are some renders from KiCAD:

Tinylora v2 Front
Tinylora v2 Back

All KiCAD files etc.. of the current state of development can be found in my git as usual.