ATTNode v1

This is the first iteration of the ATTNode PCB. Measuring only 36mmx47mm it is already quite small. The board features 6 free GPIO-Pins from the ATTiny84 + power on a 2.54mm pin header, a standard atmel-compatible programming header and solderpads for an optional onboard SMD LED + fitting current-limiting resistor. All further development will be on the next iterations of the board. See the navigation at the left for the newer versions. The ATTNode v2 firmware will continue to support the v1 boards, as they use the same hardware. Here are some pictures of the board:

ATTNode v1.1 Front
ATTNode v1.1 Back
ATTNode v1.1 Back with SHT21
ATTNode v1.1 Back with BME280

The v1.2 PCB-design (KiCAD), gerber files and 3D-printable case are accessible under the Git Tag v1.2 at my git repo